I'm tempted to say you're a 3b/c, which is what I think I am. My hair looks a lot like yours on the first day after I've washed and dried it, even more so (probably) if I were to twist it in sections. The pics in my album are third or fourth day hair so there's plenty of frizz ... So questions for you:

Is that first or second day hair in your pic OR did you twist or manipulate your curls in iy? Does you hair, like mine, tend to get some frizz the longer you go w/out washing it?

(I'm also secretly tempted to ask if you have an Ashkenazi background, like I do, because of your hair and your facial features LOL)
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Yes, all of these are first day hair. Starting on the second day, my hair does become more frizzy and the curls are less defined...and this only gets worse day by day.

Haha! I am not Ashkenazi...I'm mostly Italian (3/4) with the last quarter being Irish. So those Italian roots are what gave me all of my defining features...good and bad! LOL