I wish I could say these things rather than write them. I kinda go on a rant sometimes and get lost lols. I get what you are saying. I agree that we have not come that far in certain senses. I am just saying it took a long time for blacks to get "freedom", to be able to own a business and have things they wouldn't have been able to have before. And then you have these certain black people who act ridiculous and other races then think of all black people acting like that (prejudice). If these prejudices could be broken blacks would have a lot more advantages! There are many blacks out there that are capable of so many things; prejudice and racism sometimes holds them back.

What is ignorant about it?

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All of it. You know we haven't come as far as you would like to think. How many Black pro athletes do you know of? How many Black athletic pro team owners do you know of? Did you know that the average female headed black household doesn't have more than $5000 saved for a rainy day? These are a few of the obvious disadvantages of entering a marathon as the winner crossed the finish line.

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