They were not racist. They were prejudice. Two different things.
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We don't know their motive but what they committed was a hate crime in my eyes which means they are racist & prejudiced and you can be both in this case.

My point is that if one bad experience can change the way one views another race what can centuries of experiences do?

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She just said that they beat her up just because she was white. No other reason, because she was white. And the fact that they said "Hey Whitey", gives it away that they were prejudice.

Racism is what happened in the '60s. Where people were denied even the most basic things just because of the color of their skin. Sure everyone could be prejudice, but the minorities could not be. They could not tell whites that they couldn't drink at the same water fountains. But whites sure could tell the minorities that they weren't allowed to. A black person could not, deny a white person anything, while a white person could.

If civil rights weren't established, we'd still be in the 60s and I probably wouldn't be doing anything that I'm doing just because I'm a black woman.
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That is institutionalized racism. When You make laws or promote behavior that denegrate another race. Jim Crow, slavery in & of itself, etc. civil rights changed that to an extent.

Racism is as simple as "I believe blacks are better than whites period". I don't have to ever act on the belief to be racist. I don't have to even tell anyone I feel this way. I am just a racist and a bigot and even a supremacist who feels my race is good & that the other race is bad.

Prejudice is "I don't hire women because they are too emotional. I talk to women, I have female friends, but women can't do what men can in the workplace." I discriminate against women because of my prejudice. If I said Asian women I would be racist & prejudiced & stupid on top of all that.

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