I have been officially curly girl since Jan 2009 and my hair is not impressing me! Its not growing, the ends keeps spliting and its dry! Im not sure this is the right method for me! Anyone else feel this way?
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I tried cg and then mod cg on and off for 4 years. The first time was for 2 years straight. I tried every product and routine that others were finding success with! My hair just didn't like it. I had more frizz, my hair was very dry and was breaking a lot. I have gone back to just using what works for me and not stressing about ingredients. I use a sulfate poo that feels very gentle. I can comb my hair right after using it before even applying conditioner and have no tangles at all. I am also getting length back a lot easier.
Do whatever works for you - no single method is right for everyone. I feel very relieved to not worry about all the cg stuff anymore.