I really enjoy the show. I love anything zombie. Grew up watching romero films.

andrea is really geeting on my nerves and i'm waiting for her to die. lori is really getting on my nerves and i'm waiting for her to die as well.

i agree i do think shane has gotten hotter since going crazy. i never thought much about him before.

i'm liking daryl way more then season, he is the one character i hope to live til the end, if any one does survive.

does anyone get the impression that sopia was molested by her dad. i didnt notice i until i rewatch season 1 with my sis. remembr the episode after the father was smacked around by shane? he grabs sophia and tells her to stay and she looked horrified? fast forward to season 2 premier, her mom is in the church and ask forgiviness for letting her husbad touch her daughter? i think she let her daughter get molested. am i the only one that got this?