I was only addressing racism against whites because 1. People don't believe it happens and 2. people don't usually like to acknowledge it.

And I'm not standing up only b/c I've been effected. I've always stood up, for everyone, because I've always seen it.
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I think what they are trying to get at is that racism isn't the same as prejudice...Maybe they didn't beat you up because you were white. Maybe they beat you up for another reason, but since you are white they used the phrase "Hey whitey". If they beat up a black kid maybe they would have used the phrase "Hey blacky". Did they tell you why they beat you up?

By the way, were you the only white person in your school? Because if they were targeting you because you were white then you might have heard about other white kids getting beat up too. I don't think "racist" beat up just one specific white person (in this case it's white).
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There was actually a case about this in Canada, where some aboriginal youths jumped a white guy and referred to him as "whitey" and the Crown came in with some bogus hate crime charges (they were getting charged for the jumping regardless, but a hate crime is an aggravating factor that adds time to the sentence if you are convicted.) Their lawyer got those charges thrown out because they said that referring to a white guy as "whitey" in an aboriginal neighbourhood doesn't mean you look at white people as negative or specifically targetted the guy for being white, and they jumped people all the time in that neighbourhood and those youths had charges for the same kind of thing before, against other aboriginals as well.

Some other guy filed a bogus refugee claim from South Africa that people kept robbing and mugging him because he was white. His ass got sent back because, likewise, the problem was crime in South Africa being committed against everyone, not him being targetted specifically for being white.

It seems to me that in a low-income neighbourhood there will be more crimes and beatings for various sociological factors... and more racialized persons committing them... and this does not mean that the problem is "racism against whites." These are problems faced by people in these neighbourhoods, which is often manifested as Black-on-Black crime. Don't you think lots of Black people were also getting jumped and beat on by the same Black people doing it to you, or by other Black people? Your complete lack of context makes it difficult to take this seriously because you're making it sound as if you lived in this neighbourhood of peaceful, loving Black and Latino people who loved themselves and each other, and treated everyone great except this one innocent, sweet white girl who they pounded on daily for no reason when she never did anything, specifically because she was white, and didn't commit violence against anyone else who ticked them off or they perceived as different. And I just don't think that that was the case.
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That's what I was thinking. Too many things are missing from the story. I think maybe it was assumed to be that she got beat because she was white. But I don't think that was the case, unless she can prove otherwise and say that they specifically said that they beat her up because she was white, then I'm on the fence with the story. Something doesn't add up. If they were beating her up because she was white they would have said much more derogatory things than "Hey whitey". And if it effected her as much as she says it did, then wouldn't she have remembered the things they said to here, just as much as she remembered "Hey whitey"?