Just wanted to say that i have been using the whole Tashodi (made in Canada) line as it is CG. it is organic, no parabens, no sulphates, no cones. i have to admit i miss the oidad line but it has cones which i am trying to avoid. the best part of the Tashodi line is that Winners currently has tonnes of it, so you can pick it up for really cheap.
Type: 3B? (not sure); Mod-CG (though i did not know it) since forever, now trying CG without cones since sept. 2011
Shampoo: no
Condish: Tashodi creamy argan oil
Treatments: Tashodi peppermint, lemongrass & argan oil hair mask; AETO botanical natural bamboo oil
Styling: Tashodi defrizzing balm, curl enhancer & styling mousse. Hemptz curl booster
Other: pineapple'ing @ night, plopping except in winter when i blow dry with defuser (it is Canada, gets to -40C), ouidad comb in the shower