Depends on the person and the situation. Some I know want advice, and others have no intention of breaking their patterns nor am I the holder to everything right and wise so who am I to tell someone what they 'should' do. Unless specifically asked I'm usually just supportive. Being told what I 'should' do it's the most annoying thing ever. I tend to avoid people who are always filling our conversation with 'shoulds'

There is a way to do it tactfully and with sensitivity. I usually start off with "I say this because I love you ..." and go from there. Most of the time it's because I get sick of hearing the same ish over and over without any movement towards solving the problem or moving forward.

That's more for just basic drama. If it was dealing with some sort of major addiction I would hardline a lot more. It's one thing to whine, it's another to be seriously in need of help.

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