my family drove through mississppi and got lost. they ask a white man for direction he told them: "You dont belong here"

I had several white friends attend our prodomantly black high school. they were often told, "you dont belong here".

it was because of the color of their skin.

the histories of blacks and whites are nothing alike. whites never indured what other races had to face. but two wrongs dont make a right. disliking someone, being prejudice, or races, a bigot or what ever any one whats to call it is stupid! Its 2011! this idoitic behavoir only hinders progress. if any one is beat because of the color of their skin, this is a hate crime!

We all need to quit so much at race and into peoples heart. (i dont mean to sound corny) I know this wont happen over night. i know this wont happen with everyone. but i think if we make the ignorant fools the minority, eventually it will fade away. maybe my grandkids can look back and say, "what the hell was wrong with those old timers? whats race anyway?"