I am at the tail end of a head cold and need to go to work tomorrow and be alert. Does anyone have any treatment suggestions for a lingering cough? Would it be a special cough drop brand and flavor?
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that depends on what type of cough it is.

if it's a post nasal drip cough (kind of tickly, back of throat, where you have to cough/clear your throat often), you'd have to treat the sinus drip to get rid of that type of cough.

if it's a residual mucousy cough, try a cough suppressant that can quiet the cough during the work day. but suppressing the cough might prolong your misery. assisting a productive cough helps you to get rid of that mucus once and for all.

in either case, i agree that honey in tea, or even hot honey-lemon water would be a soothing drink, at least for a raw throat from persistent coughing, if for nothing else.

i know not everyone has flexible jobs, but when i'm on the tail end of a virus and have that nasty mucousy cough, i just stay home so that i can have a day of productive coughing in private. my work environment is sooo quiet, i wouldn't want everyone hearing a mucousy cough all day, nor would i want to wear a path between my office and the restroom to cough in private.

i hope you feel well soon.
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