I'm watching this season. None of it is as good as that very first episode. One of the best things I've ever seen. I just loved it. But I still like the show.
The whole farmhouse storyline is pretty creepy. And I'm thinking Shane has gotten pretty hot since he's gone kinda crazy. : )
And I hate these midseason finales and hiatuses (hiatusii?).

Forgot to say how much I liked this episode. Glad they killed the barn zombies. Crazy or not, Shane and Daryl are the ones keeping this group of people alive. They do what they gotta do. And I hope they are all forced to leave the farm, because the show would be pretty darn dull if they stay there. And I hope the guy from Lost shows up again soon.
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Shane is totally hot! lol. my friend laughs at me, says I have a knack for being attracted to the crazies. hehe. I don't think he is all that nuts..i think he is in survival mode, and now that he knows Lori is preg, he'll do whatever needs to be done. What's up with Rick? I thought for the longest time that the scientist at the place that blew up whispered to Rick that his wife is pregnant, but from his reaction last week, and his actions this week, I don't think that's the case. Has anyone else noticed how much he looks like crap after giving blood...perhaps his sick? - like cancer sick? And that's the reason why he didnt over-react when Lori told him about her and Shane? Maybe he wants Shane to take care of her after he is gone??? just speculation...
3a/b i think..
Fine/highly porous/low elasticity

Wish my shine would come through though, right now my dogs have shinier hair than I do.
HG: HONEY!!! yay for Honey!!

I love shrinkage!