Maybe it's because he makes me feel like I'm back home in GA, but I've totally got the hots for Daryl. I hope he doesn't do something asinine and ruin it for me.

I even watched a horrid Blade movie Mr. Spring put on the other night because he was in it. I felt I might weep when he turned out to be the bad guy and got blown to bits.
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Daryl is a cutie too! If they kill him off, I don't know if I could watch anymore. I loved him since the Boondock Saints. what a good movie! How funny are we!
Team Shane and Team Daryl...can I be on both teams? lol...I hope Andrea get s her head blown off...her character is like nails on a chalkboard to me. hehe.

Countdown to Feb...12th!
3a/b i think..
Fine/highly porous/low elasticity

Wish my shine would come through though, right now my dogs have shinier hair than I do.
HG: HONEY!!! yay for Honey!!

I love shrinkage!