Gardencurls and LeanneM

Thanks for the kind words -- I'm really thrilled I stuck it out with CG method because boy oh boy did I go through some uglies in transition! Lol! I would totally recommend he as well. It took me an hour too, but it's so beautiful there it was a nice drive I'm sure there is someone in San Diego for you though, LeanneM. Gardencurls, where are you in O.C.? I'm in Yorba Linda.

Curlilocks, I am so excited to do the RC next time -- whatever form it comes in. As I said, I'm not overly happy with the color. It's okay for now, but I'm doing it myself next time. I do however love love love the cut!!!

Guess I'll just have to haul my cookies back and forth to Laguna from now on! Oh well! It's worth it! Have a good week ladies!
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