I have a big forehead and used to be self conscious about it. When Ouidad cut my hair years ago, she showed off my forehead. I cringe when I see those photos. Now it's sometimes side swept bangs, sometimes not. Now I have these weird bangs that the "curl whisperer" cut. Deciding if I should keep them cause sometimes they curl too wonky for my liking. Silly curl floating mid forehead not long enough to side swipe it.... annoying. Meanwhile, I embrace the forehead... big forehead to hold a big brain
in humidity hell south Florida or high and dry Colorado
CG since 2005
2a, 2b, 3b - fine hair, low density - low/normal porosity
washing: cj curl assurance gentle cleansing, cj daily fix, as i am coconut cowash
conditioning: cj smoothing, cj strengthening, giovanni 50/50 balance, darcy's pumpkin seed, kinky curly knot today
styling: homemade fsg, kinky curly curling custard, cj pattern pusha
pt: cj curl fix, cj repair me
avoid: humectants, polyquats