Is it bad that I hate all the women characters? They are either horribly pitiful or overcompensating.

I don't like Shane and even though it was necessary to kill the walkers, I didn't like the whole shoot em up scene. He seems like a loose cannon and anyone is next.

I do like Daryl though. I think he will be one of the last characters left.

The ending last night made me "Aww..." aloud.

I have a question though. How do people turn if they are usually zombie dinner when the walkers get a hold of them?

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Originally Posted by curlysue21
Sooo, if you just get bit by a zombie, you'll turn...say, if you were in a fight and just gotten bit but then got away or killed it first...but if you're dinner, than well, I don't think there is any transformation.
Another zombie fact...a zombie can only be killed if you get it in the head.
3a/b i think..
Fine/highly porous/low elasticity

Wish my shine would come through though, right now my dogs have shinier hair than I do.
HG: HONEY!!! yay for Honey!!

I love shrinkage!