Also I guess I don't get why they had to be killed....they were contained/quarantined. *kanyeshrug*
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Sophia didn't look as corpsey as the others, I thought for a minute she was okay until they showed her eyes. She couldn't have been one more than a few days, right?

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I think she was recently bitten. I think maybe she sneaked into the barn to hide and was bitten there rather recently. On "Talking Dead" the creator/writer/whomever said that they shot an alternate ending with Sophia walking out, healthy, and just reacting to the sun after hiding for so long. And they also pointed out that yes, she wasn't undead long as evidenced by the decay....the only area of harm on her body was the bite in her neck. They also said that the guy who was murdered by Shane, Otis, would have been the one to put her there (apparently herding walkers was his job), but there was really no talk of why the group wandered onto Hershel's property or into the woods until after Shane murdered him....they were so focused on Rick's kid being shot. So there is the possibility that Otis put her in there.

That part was sad.

And yeah, her dad was molesting her. Which is part of the reason I wished the her mom would have died already.
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My thoughts: I think she was a zombie when she was found, and Hershel had Otis put her in the barn, same as the two they were wrangling tonight. I think the reason why she wasn't that decayed is that we needed to immediately recognize her as Sophia, since we haven't seen her for several episodes. We didn't remember what she was wearing, etc. Of course, we get the reaction shots from the other actors, but the big reveal has the most impact, so she needed to look like Sophia.

I was kind of glad they released and shot the barn zombies, but I wish there had been more reaction from Hershel and Maggie to the individual zombies. Clearly Hershel's wife/Maggie's mother was one of them, but they seemed to react the same to each zombie that was shot. It was like generic sad zombie death reactions.

I really, really hope Carol and Daryl don't become a romantic thing. I'd much rather see Andrea with Daryl--I liked the way they vibed off each other when they went looking for Sophia, and Shane is too douchey to be her love interest longterm. Plus, he's all obsessed with dumb Lori.

I really wish Lori was played by another actress.
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