Hello My name is Clarissa, Im 17 and I have struggled with curly hair all my life. The thing is, I have always loved my curly hair soo much. But where I live, curly hair is considered "nappy" and "unattractive." Which is what led me to the biggest mistake of my life, a relaxer. I was bullied right into it. And regretted it ever since. I am very informed about curly hair, But for some reason when it comes to my own I don't know what to do. I have naturally 3b hair, and it curls well when im out the shower and have applied hair products. Im not cg yet, don't quite understand it but I use shea moisture curl and style milk while its wet for some moisture, and then a mix of noodle head and mixed silk leave in for definition. But after awhile it looks dead, and the next day it definitely looks lifeless and frayed and yuck. I recently cut off about 5/6 inches to get rid of damaged ends from a relaxer 2 years ago and its finally all curls and there are no more relaxed ends yay. It just still seems to "ugh" if you understand. And my ends are so frizzy as well as the rest of my hair. Does that mean its all damaged so I should cut more or what? I may be over reacting im not sure, I'm unfortuantly OCD so I may be over analyzing what may just be a bad case of frizz in combination with bad hair product choice. I just need help. I including a few pictures, trying to help you guys see my curl pattern, its all I have. I don't have a camera right now so Im sorry about the bad angles and lighting. I hope it helps you get an idea though. Any response would be very much appreciated. You girls are all my curly hair inspirations!
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