1 1/2 years after using it routinely and well, it's still an HG product for me. It makes my thinning hair look thicker and I can get several days of nice clumpy action. It's a wonderful product for me as long as I use a good LI condish under as I find it a bit drying.

Love it. And glad it loves ya. You and your curls are absolutely stunning. What a punim on ya!

i refresh with CJ Smoothing Lotion to keep moisturized. I alternate with SS CEJ, as I find that not at all drying, but rather, moisturizing.

I used it for Thanksgiving and got my plumpy curls. I still haven't washed again...hah. It's, um, going on 6th day hair (and I will wash today, Tuesday, after I sleep.)
Originally Posted by MirCurls
THanks so much for the sweet words! I wondered, when you said you "refresh" with CJ SMoothing Lotion do you mean 2nd day hair, or, as an alternative to the AG:Recoil? Same question about the SS CEJ? I'm thinking those are your alternatives -- to avoid the drying effects of the ReCoil?

Sorry for all of the questions but I'm SO excited to FINALLY have defined curls and good hold and 2nd day hair! Thanks again!
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