You've made a couple of posts about your new growth being too dry. What exactly are you doing to your hair? What are you using to moisturize it? What is going on that you can't even part your hair properly?
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I was going to ask the same thing but then when I saw she said she was sure she wanted to relax her hair I didn't even bother. I mean I'm all for people doing whatever they wanna do to their hair but why are you posting in a transitioner's thread asking for advice about how to prep your hair for a perm?!
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Because I know that transitioned are great about handling two different textures at once. I don't think I saw a perm or stretch section. I'm on my iPod so I could be mistaken, plus I'm new so I may have overlooked it.

Look, I am new to these boards. This is only my second post. I don't know if it was your intention to mock but I am just trying to get some help. If you think there is a better place for me to post then it would be kinder if you suggested it to me instead.

Another reason I posted here is because at one point I was considering transitioning. I'm sure there are others who thought about it in this section and later decided against it as I did. I decided now is not a good time in my life because of all the upkeep. It's more expensive for me this way, and I do not have the time either.