Please let me know how this goes. Do you have any pics of the cut? I've been really thinking about cutting my hair in a bob because my postpartum shedding has thinned out my hair so much. I may do this until it grows back in thicker.
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there u go its a braid out, flat ironed its longer curly its way shorter, i like i just cut the most across the bottom the dusted the rest i want my hair all one length so itll be thicker, right before my bc my hair was thinned w thinning shears without my knowledge:/ so now i do want it long but first i want it thicker so it can all be closer to one length im prob gonna keep cutting across the bottom till the rest of my hair catches up

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Thanks for the update! Your hair cut looks really good! Did you cut it while straight or curly?
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I love it. Your hir is flat-ironed and curled in this pic right?