Hey there, Curlies! Tracey here!

So, inspired by a recent visit to the Satorialist - seriously, if you don't know what that is and you even kind of like fashion, click that link! - which featured a pair of couples in Tokyo who were soooo PERFECT for each other, I thought - whoa wait! According to like, the whole world, couples are often attracted to each other based on similarities - and throughout the relationship end up looking more and more like one another - so for us curlies, do we date men who look like us? Right down to the natural hair on our heads?

I can't say that I don't! See the picture below is me and my (EX)boyfriend from a few years ago - my last boyfriend to say the least - and um, despite all of our not-alike-at-all issues, we did have the same hair! (I'm just now realizing...)

So ladies, you tell me - and please send me pictures too! (content@naturallycurly.com) - do you date men who look like you?

Me and the Ex (Sorry for the weird backside photo - but you can see our hair here best!) Ah, La France -
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