I just got mine, haven't tried it yet but I did open it and smell it. To me, it smells kind of Bath and Body Works cucumber melon. It has a white cast to and is very lumpy and jiggly, a little like KCCC. Its smooth to the touch and not sticky but if you spread it on a surface (I spread it on my arm) it has a kind of lumpy appearance. My biggest concern with this one is flaking. I will post more after I try it.
Have several allergies and sensitivities.
Current products
Low Poo/Cowash: Rio Grande Herb Co Negrita and Amole Deep Treatment Concentrate, Magick Botanicals (MB) Shampoo (diluted)
Rinse out/Leave in: MB with apricot kernel and jojoba oils added
Protein Treatment: MB Conditioner for Thinning Hair, IAgirl's protien treatment
Style: MB Gel mixed with LOTD Aloe Vera Gelly

2b-c, need lots of moisture, likes protein in moderation.