I have been mixing [SS CEJ] with KCCC to get extra hold and body.
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kellysmum and other SS CEJ users: I see some of you mix it with other products for more hold. Have you tried it under a real gel? I think of KCCC as a strong jelly but not really a gel. It sounds like CEJ is a light jelly which definitely needs something mixed in or over it. I'd love to hear more about this. Also, I'm curious if anyone has thoughts on the silk protein. Usually my hair is not fond of protein but maybe since it is low on the list it would be fine.

I'm curious about the Spiral Solutions products in general because I've never tried them and they are so popular! I just ordered AOMM and I'm anxious to test it out.

For now, a pea-sized dab of KCKT raked through my hair + KCCC is my fall/winter HG. I will post picks soon! My hair is very soft (after I SOTC) and shiny without looking greasy. I get great clumpy and bouncey ringlets from the supersoaker method. If I'm in a hurry and don't supersoak my hair doesn't look as good.

So my main question for you is how do you use SS CEJ and how is it different than KCCC, for example? I would be interested in trying it but I'd like to research before buying.

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