Hello Natural Beauties!

Interested in a grow out challenge for 2012? I noticed we all have individual goals, however sometimes we need a little support.

  1. Join the challenge by becoming a member of the 2012 Grow-Out Challengers Community social group (go to community, then click social groups, become a member )
  2. The challenge will start on December 31, 2011 and run through December 31,2012.
  3. The challenge is open to join at any time. No cut off date!
  4. Post pictures with updates, ideas, and and anything else hair related that you'd like to share.
  5. KEEP POSITIVE!!! We're here to support each other.
**UPDATES** every three months

March 31st
June 30th
September 30th
December 31st

Share this info once you join the community:

~Current hair length
~Length goal month
~Current Regimen and styling choices
~What do you plan on changing (if anything) to make it to your goal?
~Post a beginning picture

Hope to see you around!!!
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