Pretty good episode this week. (but not as intense as the last couple in my opinion )

Did you guys know that they tried to make this show in the 90's and it was cancelled after one season? And that the whole thing is based on a movie with the same title?


I want Crosby and Jasmine back together right now! I think that by saying that she should be with the doctor makes it clear that he truly does love her and Jabar. He only wants the best for them and he can see that the doctor is a good man and will treat them right. This shows that he has grown up and matured and is ready for their relationship! I hope Jasmine realizes this (Although I can see it being hard to get back with a man that cheated on you). Maybe the writers can make the doctor move away or something....Haha

I'm glad Christina and Adam made up. I'm also glad Christina took the high road with Rachel, I thought that was very true to her character. The boy who plays Max is a wonderful actor especially for his age!

Hope Amber does well at her new job!
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i said the exact same thing about maybe the dr. would move away or something. i don't want him to turn into a bad guy but i like the idea of him going away, well not really because he's so damn fine to watch!!! it is a more interesting layer to the show to see how jabar acts with the adults in his life and i think it's positive to see the good side of mommy has a boyfriend. so many men don't want to raise someone elses kids or even acknowledge them so the dr.'s love for jabar is positive. plus (and i'm biased here) i love that a black man is a dr on a show and being adoring to a black woman and her son.

agree that i like christina and adam and loved when they said "you're my best friend"...and i also agree that max is SO believable and annie's reaction was also realistic!

i still feel bad for julia! i hope that girl comes around or she's going to lose her chance for getting her baby a good home. i think she'll leave him on her doorstep or something dramatic. she's a bit unstable. still wanting that boys love when it's not there. i am confused, is julia unable to get pregnant again? was she pregnant with her daughter or did they adopt?

so sarah and her guy might have a baby? eek! exciting. what's there age difference? i just remember she turned 40 this season and had that party.
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