Mircurls what did you change in your diet to loose the weight and help your hair?

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I'll answer, but sorry for hijacking the thread, ladies!

Well, I lost weight cause I:

1. exercised
2. cut calories back, first to 2000 , then 1800, then 1700, etc, until I got to 1200 January of this year.
3. made a definite commitment and began blogging to be accountable
4. did weight loss challenges online with online blogging buddies to stay focused (that was my support structure.
5. got family behind me (no birthday cake, no crap offered to me, healthful side dishes for family meals as options).
6. I drink A LOT of fluids. I used to hate drinking water, so I got in the habit. I try to get at least 10 glasses of fluid a day now at my smaller weight. I started with 17 glasses of fluid when I was really huge...cause, well, I was really huge and needed more fluid. I DRINK 2 or 3 glasses of water before I eat one bite of food. At home, in restaurants, period. Water to start filling me up. This strategy is key for me.
7. I read online menus of restaurants before I go out, only go to places with healthful (ie, not rejiggered weird-butt food like places such as Chili's or Taco Bell sell), and I choose what I can eat before I go, so I am ready and don't have to spend time ogling menus there, when I'm hungry. I know local places with fresh food, ideally organic, ideally local. And I know places that may have regular food, and I ask the chef how they prepare it. I become a regular ONLY if a restaurant has stuff that I can eat. I don't go to places with trigger foods.
8. No sugar except the occasional dark chocolate. No High Fructose Corn Syrup. No high sugars foods other than fruit.

I'm eating about 1500 cals average (some days more, some less) now in a maintenance/refeed before I tackle the last 20 pounds.

I eat kinda Primarian, which is an offshoot of Paleo/Primal. My meals center around quality protein (eggs, chicken, steak, pork--I'm allergic to seafood, so, sadly, none). I gave up gluten and only eat one starch serving a day some days (ie, potato, sweet potato, rice). I do better without starch, but I just like it.

I do have some dairy (gave up milk, and my skin cleared up..looks good). I drink green tea, water, coffee.

I joined an organic coop and get fresh organic and local fruits and veggies weekly. Whole Foods gets a lot of my income, I can tell you. I buy pasteured, organic eggs. I try to minimize toxins.

I do Pilates and I walk (well, a break from walking while sprained ankle heals). I dance--put on music and just go happy-wild. I swam this summer.

I eat a lot of protein--at least 80 to 100 grams a day. I don't have kidney disease or issues, so high protein intake is not a problem. This helps spare some muscle loss. Weight loss in the obese tends to mean a lot of muscle loss. I built up muscle first--exercised 2 years before I got a lot of weight off. I was prediabetic, and my glucose is totally normal now. I got off blood pressure drugs, and averted diabetes drugs. My hair got better, my skin got better, and my energy went zooming.

I have hypothyroidism (which did thin my hair, too, dries it out) and it's hard for me to lose weight, but I was patient. Hey, 1/2 a pound to 2 pounds a week adds up in 1 1/2 years. I committed to losing it in2 years, and that will be September 2012. I'm pretty darn sure I'll make goal by next summer or sooner. Working on it.

I also have a reward structure: If I lose it and keep it off for at least 2 years, I get a trip to Italy. Now, that's a reward, right?

I strongly recommend these books--I was a binge eater, and once I got rid of trigger foods like lasagna, pizza, pasta, noodles, bread, etc, I no longer had any weird bingeing urges and my appetite decreased--

THE END OF OVEREATING--cause it talks about what makes us overeat and gives a "rehab" program. This was my NUMBER one help...gave me an epiphany last year. After trying vegan, vegetarian, diet-to-go delivery, Weight Watchers, Wonderslim, Atkins, South Beach, etc, this was what really got me thinking about my issues.


THE NEW EVOLUTION DIET (when I applied his principles about exercising and intermittent fasting, I lost the MOST)
REFUSE TO REGAIN (meant for maintainers, but this was the plan I pretty much followed from January on)

In January, THE SMARTER SCIENCE OF SLIM comes out, and I've been trying some of the stuff I read in the advanced reader copy in order to reset my metabolism. (Dieting effs up the metabolism, it just does, and no way around it now for me but to try to heal.) So, I do even MORE protein and he recommends no starch at all...which is tough...but we'll see.

For me, going organic, lotsa protein, mostly veggies/protein/fruit for dessert was what made me calm appetite wise. I think it was the extra protein plus the nutrients in the veggies/fruit that helped my hair. And skin.

I also finally was able to ditch the steroids for my asthma after 22 years. Am breathing fine. Gluten sucks for asthmatics/autoimmune sufferers like me. It's really bad for us.

Anyway, that's me. I figure anything that improves health, probably improves hair. Right?

I edited to attach pics of me at my highest weight (299 lbs), then the weight at which I started working out with Pilates trainenr (278, in my workout clothes), then me now at 178 lbs (fitting into a dress I bought for Christmas that didn't fit in September, heh). I had dirty hair as I was in the tail end of a blow-out after a hair treatment--like 7th day hair! My curls reasserted in every place but the top. hah. The last is Thanksgiving, where I got to wear a large regular size dress from Macy's (that was fun!) Hair is more abundant. Curly there from the root on, no blow-out .

Hope that helps...
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