Hey hun with the original question. I understand your thought process and would've done the same thing. Experienced this same tangled mess everytime I was up for my new relaxer (when I was relaxing). It took a while but I had to just buckle down and comb it out with a wide tooth comb. Then shampoo anx deep condition. Made the mistake of just trting to skip the detangling before shampoo and that was a HORRIBLE mistake. Hair knotted like dreads. I cried of the thought that the only solution was to cut it at the root where the knot was. That 3 min aussie worked, but it took FOREVER and a fine tooth comb to get those dreads out. But it's possible.
I hope I helped. Figured the least I could do is share my experience instead of nit picking at u for asking for help. Hope u didn't get discouraged from this board, we're not all quarelsome.

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