I too agree that we should respect each other and our freedom to post, wonder, ask, read, comment, transition, perm, etc....I am 100% natural, but I too have had questions that some may deem basic, but they were important to me! We are here to help one another, so let's!

To the original poster, don't be discouraged to ask your questions, I just think she was trying to tell u that there is a thread for that because the members there may be of more assistance. What works on natural hair may be a disaster for relaxed hair.

Just my 2 cents, I'm no Dr.Phil or Oprah lol

I swear some forum members need a life! Why is it so damn offensive that she posted in the wrong section.? I never understand why this is so damn irritating? She explained so move on. And why be so quick to call out newbies ? Some newbies have been lurking here longer than some of you have been posting. Respect, understanding, and constructive communication goes a long way. I'm done. Possibly first and last post here.
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