Okay that is SO inspiring!!! Your pictures blow me away --- you look amazing and you have some seriously gorgeous legs, girl!

Having lost all of the weight, what an amazing accomplishment. How dedicated you sound. I have lost weight on the "eat clean" diet Tosca Reno wrote. I also read a book about Metabolic Syndrome and took HFCS completely out of my (and my family's) diet and get mostly organic food now.

I find that when I cut out sugar, I feel and look so much better. It's weird because when I eat sugar, I WANT sugar. When I give it up, I really don't miss it. I think it's great that you tell your family not to bring that stuff around, even for birthdays! I had lost 10 pounds recently and on my Birthday my husband and I went away. He brought all kinds of my favs (almond roca, etc) and I have been off track since. SO frustrating. Do you find you miss the sugar now? How long ago did you (mostly) give it up? Do you also watch hidden sugar (like in salad dressing and such)?

The amazing thing is how different your HAIR looks!!! Thanks so much for all of that great info and super inspiring pictures. It sounds like your family is very supportive, which is huge I think! Congrats to you, you look fantastic!!!

One question -- is it still a struggle? Do you wrestle with cravings or ever feeling "left out" or "deprived?" Is it hard for you at the holidays? I marvel at people who say it's "become a way of life and I don't even miss it" when they were once fast food junkies or sugar addicts.

Just want to tell you you are totally inspiring me!
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