I use a few products from the hibiscus line:

The hold and shine spray didn't do much for me--I still have about 3/4 of a bottle sitting around here somewhere. I prefer my homemade spritz.

I love the curl enhancing smoothie--but it does nothing to "enhance" my curls. I use it as a moisturizer. I pair it with ecostyler gel for my twistouts and the occasional wash and go. It's the perfect pairing because ecostyler has left me with hard hair in the past...thus far the smoothie is the only product in my pantry that can consistently stand up to ecostyler.

I just started experimenting with the curl milk. I love it because it works really well for my twistouts and I don't have to pair it with any other stylers/moisturizers. It would be a one-step styling process except I like to seal my ends with a little bit of oil because of the harsh winter air.

The moisture retention shampoo is a godsend. It is (by far!) the best shampoo I have come across. I have only used it once but I had to catch myself because I kept trying to detangle my hair with shampoo in it--I didn't know shampoos could have so much slip.

My sister purchased the hair restorative elixir, but it didn't agree with her hair so she gave it to me. I felt like the oil didn't really penetrate/soften my hair--it just left a greasy coating.