When I eat clean and gluten free in the moderate carb range (80 to 120 carbs), I get no cravings. When I get higher in carbs...cause I planned badly or got lazy, then the appetite comes back. So, I try to keep it in there and stay even. I haven't had my former fave pizza in almost a year. I find that feeling good is worth more than pizza...

And thanks. My legs are courtesy of Pilates. I never had nice legs before, not even in my 20's. They were kinda stick-like. The muscle gives them shape. My poochy tummy (I skew apple shape) is dna-wired. I had it when i was normal weight at age 15...skinny arms, legs, wide hips, poochy belly..how I am.

At nearly 52, I'm really late trying to fix these issues, but better late than never.

As far as my thyroid--I'll never have normal thyroid function. My thyroid is a lot of scar tissue, cause with Hashimoto's the immune system attacks it. It's not iodine deficiency, etc. It's just damaged. And while my dosage decreased as I leaned out, I will always have to take it. always. Barring, like, some miracle of God.

I was sleeping 21 hours a day before they put me on it in 1997. Felt horrible for years prior, but went undiagnosed. I think the old stigma of 'all fat women think they have thyroid problems" was part--I refused to go there not wanting to be a stereotype and my doctor probably just assumed it was my other issues making me tired/sick.

So, I do tell women if their hair is thinning, if they're gainign weight, if they feel lethargic, if they sleep too much, if their skin is drying (and hair)...to get a thyroid work-up. Yep.

Happy day all...
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