Okay, so I dunno what happened with the genetics cuz my mom's family's from India and my dad's from North of Pakistan. My mom has the straightest hair ever and I got stuck with my dad's hair. My mom doesn't understand what to do with my hair and she hates it when I straighten it cuz she goes on and on about the damage it does (which is true) - HOWEVER, now that I let my hair be and just straighten the bangs, she calls me JUNGLI (it means wild, in case ya wanna know).

I'm constantly trying different things. My main problem is the frizz (esp in the back where I can't even SEE it but I know it's there - horror movie villain like) Right now I'm trying coconut oil as a leave in conditioner so I'm praying it gets to work. I also tried flaxseed gel but I honestly don't know how to handle it cuz all of the videos online are by people with extremely curly hair and I dunno what amount to put in my hair etc

I should tell that I've gone all natural. I tried the Baking Soda wash when I was in Europe which worked okay but now that I'm back, it stopped working (I guess it was the hard water?) - Anyhoo, I'm now using Avalon Oranics Rosemary shampoo which is SLS free and just need to fix the frizzies.

Any ideas?

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