I purchased two sampler boxes on BF (one as a gift for Mom), I got a YAM sample and I can't wait to try it...I didn't realize it wasn't out yet until I went on the BASK site to try and see the cost and couldn't find it. Based off the reviews the test ladies gave...I am excited and ready...I really like this line overall (not that I have tried much) but they will more then likely become a go to line for me...

Also anyone who got the scalp serum...have you used it as more of a scalp treatment (I don't know the word I'm looking for)...but I have a very funny scalp and I want to massage this on my scalp directly to see if it will relieve it (at times when it is out of control)...I don't know if that make sense...but oh well...

Which to try first CJ Rehab or BASK YAM?!?
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