thats funny/strange. i just opened it and it loaded fine. heres the article:

Even though he was being threatened with a knife, a Hanoi taxi driver, Nguyen Xuan Duong boldly drove Nguyen Trung Hieu, the hijacker, to a police station in the cityís Hoan Kiem district last Sunday night.

Earlier that evening Duong, a driver for Hung Vuong taxi, picked up Hieu, who has a record of previous convictions and offences, at the intersection of Dinh Le and Dinh Tien Hoan, in Hoan Kiem district.
Hieu asked Duong to stop on Ly Thai To Street to buy a pack of cigarettes.
Hieu did not pay, and quickly got back in the taxi, took out a sharp knife, and told Duong to drive him to Ha Nam province, 60 kilometers from central Hanoi.
Duong instead took Hieu to the front of Hoan Kiem districtís police station, stopped the car, and shouted so that people could hear him and catch Hieu.
Police are filing documents to handle the case.