I tie my hair in a banded ponytail like this when it is 100% dry, bobby- pinning my sides and crown back since they are looser and/or finer in texture

Doing this makes my wash n goes last for about 4 days...

and I do no re-wetting...I simply scrunch a small amount of leave in into my hair in the morning.

At night before I re tie, I smooth some oil or butter into it
Niké (Nee-Kay)

My world of curls
3C/4A,Fine-Meduim,Thick, Lo Porosity


Leave-in/Moisturizer: Giovanni Direct Leave in
Sealants:EVOO, JBCO, Crisco
DC:Matrix Condtioning Balm,Giovanni SAS,Honey, Glycerin
Shampoo:Dr.Bronner's Castile soap bar
Styler: Flaxseed,DM Miracurl, SheaMoist Smoothie, OYH S&D