OMG NaturalBeauty, congratulations. I believe the best BCs are the ones you don't plan. Can't wait to see pics. 
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Thanks so much! I am BEYOND EXCITED! I am kinda mad at myself for not doing it before now. Lol. I was soooooooooo hung up on hanging onto those relaxed ends and I was just looking at them last night like why?! I had chopped off 4inches back in January so I only had another 3inches of relaxed ends left and they just looked sooo sad hanging onto my beautiful curls so I just said F it and started cutting! I'm glad I did. All of that anxiety over cutting for nothing! LOL.

I wanted to take some pics last night but it took me FOREVER to BC. I cut my hair in very small sections and went section by section and literally curl by curl bc I wanted to make sure all of those relaxed ends were GONE so I didn't finish my hair (wash, BC and style) until 4:30am. Needless to say by that time I was not up for taking pics! Lol. I will however get some updated ones and when I do I will definitely post them. The only thing I have now is my bag of relaxed ends! Lol.
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