Hi Guys,
I've been a long time reader and since I've benefited so much from your stories I thought it's time I contribute. Nothing major, I just wanted to put in my two cents for the new formulation of Qod.
To begin, I'm a 3c, but I've blowdried my hair pretty much since I was 13 (I'm 25 now), having it curly was a nightmare it would quickly become unmanageble and all over the place. I never relaxed, and with trepidation finally jumped into keratin
I started with the coppolla which gave amazing results, but resulted in riiiidiculous shedding, I mean long strands in clumps. It also faded in 3 months and cost me a good chunk of change.
After reading through these threads, I ventured to do it on my own and settled on Qod max, really liked it, less shedding (my hair is just a weakling, it'll shed if I walk near a box of hair dye). The only thing is the coppola smelled better than Qod, and for me gave straighter results than qod. I did Qod max a total of three times, one of which was just a root application.
Now because of the cumulative nature of BKT, i needed to do it less often, by the time I got aorund to buying a new bottle, there was no more Qod max and now there's this organiq stuff. As keratin4u explained in another post, the orginal formula had something like 0.02% formaldehyde and this stuff has nada.

I just finished applying it, it feels different-- for example I didnt even use gloves, I didn;t need to. The fumes no longer gave me a cough or stinging eyes, and the feel of it is more watery,
I like that you only have to keep it on for 5 minutes, and that the smell i sless pungent. That being said, I have to go to overnight shift and wont have time to wash it now so I'll leave it on for 24 hours.

I'll let you guys know what happens, my honest feeling is this new non-formaldehyde stuff is gonna be a weakling. Also, just an fyi, if you get the shot and have long or thick hair, you'll run out-- it's a much smaller bottle than appears in the picture.

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