I'm in depression mode today. I'm still in my pajamas watching horrible TV.

A girl I knew died last week (the daughter/sister of two good friends of mine) and I've just been so sad since.

I can't listen to my mom cry poverty anymore. She is turning down jobs and interviews. Even if she sells her house, it wouldn't give her money to live forever. She's back with her boyfriend...the one she discovered was cheating for nine years this spring...and I'm so mad at her that she is illustrating that she thinks an existence without a man is pointless.

She was awful to me this past year, calling me a selfish ***** and saying I was unsupportive of her and telling me how my sister hates me because if something happened to our mom she knows she'd have to "take care if me." WOW, she makes me feel like crap.

Maybe I was unsupportive during her difficult breakup because I knew she was going back to him and I knew that, once again, he'd be the center of her world.

When I was feeling great about that job last week, she nagged me about the hours because she was concerned about me watching HER dog, who she left here so she could run off and play with the man she was wishing death on since April. She wasn't even excited or hopeful for me. She just cared about her dog.

I'm so angry and hurt all around today. This sucks so much.