I'm not sure why people are against brushes or think they cause "frizz and big hair", either. I have big hair either way - a wide toothed comb ain't gonna make it small, and I don't care. It can actually get bigger from combing than brushing.
A wide-toothed comb is great for spreading conditioner through wet hair, but for me it would never detangle my hair on it's own. I need a variety of tools - picks, fine combs, brushes, etc. to get out knots, and my fingers of course. I use a routine similar to the one posted except I don't scrunch or use hair spray. Scrunching makes my hair HUGE, and tangled.
As to frizz, nope, a brush doesn't do that to my hair. It does separate curls and make it feel super soft and in more tight s waves/spirals than corkscrews. It also spreads oil and product evenly through the hair, loosens tangles and feels so darn good! I brush whether or not I'm wearing my hair straight, especially at night.
My relatives - everything from 3a to 4b all use brushes all the time. I see no reason why we shouldn't own them!
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