FYI ladies...I just posted a ton of stuff for sale/swap on the swap board. I'll xpost the items here. If anyone is interested, please send me a PM.



Time to make room in the stash for new products! I’ve recently paired down my routine (thanks to sweating it out at the gym and lots of daily cowashing) so I’ve had to reassess each products place in my routine as it currently stands. The items that I’m listing below for sale are things that I like and/or use but I’ve had to be realistic with myself that I most likely will NOT use these items in a reasonable amount of time (4-6 months) and have decided that rather than keeping all this stuff and risking shelf-life issues, it’s better to just go ahead and sale/swap these items.
PLEASE NOTE: All items are new/unused unless stated. Shipping is not included and will be calculated via USPS; however I will ship the cheapest method possible to save you money. I’m willing to negotiate on prices for purchase of multiple items.
Miss Jessies
(1) Rapid Recover Deep Conditioner, 16oz $20

(1)Acai Berry Conditioner, 16oz $8

Kinky Curly
(2) Kinky Curly Knot Today, 8oz $7 each

Ayruveda (powders, henna, etc.)
(1) Darbur Vatika Oil, 5oz $3

(1)Hempseed Lock, Twist &Roll Butter, 16oz $20
(1)Curl Define, 8oz $12

(1)Honey Hair Mask, 8oz $8

And because my PJism doesn’t just stop with hair products… (I’ll also list these on the other swap board as well)

Bath and Body Works, Japanese Cherry Blossom Scent
(1)Body Butter, 7oz $5
(1)Creamy Body Wash, 8oz $5
(1)Body Cream, 8oz $5
(1)Shimmer Body Lotion, 5oz $5
(1) Body Lotion, 8oz $5

Bath and Body Works, Twilight Woods Scent
(2) Body Butters, 7oz $5 each
(1)Body Lotion, 8oz $5
(1)Shower Gel, 8oz $5

The Body Shop
(2)Body Butters, 200ml, Dreams Unlimited Scent $5
(1)Olive Shower Gel, 750ml (25.3oz) $10

(1) Purity Made Simple, 1-L bottle w/ pump $25
(1) Amazing Grace Gift Set $40
Set includes:
-1 L bottle of Amazing Grace 3n1 Body Wash
-1 L bottle of Amazing Grace Body Lotion
-8 oz bottle of Amazing Grave Body Spray/Splash

I will accept swap offers for the following products ONLY:
Curl junkie curl rehab
Curl junkie honey butta leave in
Curl junkie honey butta deep treat
Curl junkie daily fix
Curl junkie coco coffee curl cream (regular not lite)
Qhemet Amla and Olive Heavy Cream
Oyin Honey Hemp Conditioner
Alba leave-in Conditioner (in the yellow tube)
Shea moisture leave-in (the original…not the target line)

If you are interested in an item as a purchase or a swap using the list of wanted "swap" items indicated items above, please send me a PM and let's haggle it out. Once we reach an agreement, I will send you a total (with shipping) via paypal. I will hold the items for 24hours for payment. If items are not paid for, I will cancel the paypal payment request and relist the items. If you pay using a check via paypal, I will hold the items but will not be able to ship until your check payment clears.

Thanks for looking and happy shopping

ETA: Items in blue are pending a sale. Everything else is still available!!!
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