I have multi-racial 10 year old twin girls who seem to have a similiar curl pattern to your twins and who also have hair that comes past their waists. Only one of my twins gets that halo frizz around the face that you mentioned your girls get--the eldest--she used to get it often, but now it's really only if a style is getting old, like been in for a week such as box braids. The halo frizz used to look very wonky because the rest of her hair would be these perfect curls and then she would have this dry, bushy tiara of hair in the front, lol.

After trying tons of products and different styling methods, we settled on the Tightly Curly Method, mentioned by another poster, using a conditioner called Alba Botanica Leave-In Conditioner, and we seal that conditioner with Coconut Oil. To further combat frizz, I put a small amount of the Kinky Curly Gloss Pomade on the halo frizz area, put hair under satin cap/on satin pillowcase as she sleeps. She rarely ever wakes up with any frizz after doing that routine. If she develops frizz later in the day/week, I refresh that area with some distilled water and add a very tiny amount of pomade or Kinky Curly Spiral Spritz (we can't use the Kinky Curly Curling Custard anymore because my girls hair texture changed and the custard now strangely behaves like glue in their hair)--very tiny amounts because I do want to encourage any buildup.

My girls mostly wear box braids, ponytails, flat twists, and buns and rarely wear their hair down because they have yoga, sports, martial arts, dance--too many darn activities to have all that hair hanging down. So, maybe the fact that they don't wear their hair down much contributes to my eldest twin not getting massive frizz.

I gave Shea Moisture's styling milk a try and it did nothing except impart shine and a nice scent to the hair. Now, that would be great if the product wasn't $10, and if it didn't claim to moisturize and detangle, both of which it did not do for anyone's head in our home. I think our hair hates shea butter.

I imagine that you could purchase at least a decent pomade (no mineral oil, petroleum jelly) at Sally's, Target, Walgreens or CVS and try that with the tightly curly method, or the washing-conditioning-styling method that you've been using to combat frizz.
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