Pisces_Fish, I naturally have 2b hair. Before I permed my hair, my hair was a major pain in the you know what. During the dry Winter days, my hair would almost completely straighten out. On humid Summer days, my hair would sometimes be like a 3a, but with a lot of frizz. I got tired of not knowing what my hair would be like from day to day so I ended up getting a spiral perm. I have been perming my hair for the last three years or so, about once every eight months. However, I can remember being very nervous the first time I made an appointment to get my hair permed. I was so nervous I felt like I was going to the Guillotine instead of the hair salon to get a perm! A year before I permed my hair, I cut my hair short and I hated it, so I was really nervous about a perm destroying my hair, and then having to cut it out! Because I hate the way I look with short hair. Fortunately I love my hair with a perm, it is much more manageable! Plus, I seem to get a lot more compliments with a perm in my hair. Before I decided to perm my hair, I tried a curl enhancer. However, my hair is so thick that a curl enhancer only had a minimal effect on my hair. If you decided to perm your hair, I would definitely seek out a stylist who is experienced in perming wavy/curly hair. I would also recommend that you not be afraid to spend the extra money and get a perm at a nice salon, with experienced stylists. A home perm can be extremely risky if you don't really know what you are doing! The last thing you want is a perm that fries your hair. Let us know what you decided to do.