This is my first time transitioning, and I will continue to get regular haircuts until the relaxed hair grows out completely. I am now about four months into my transition and I am having a hard time figuring out what my hair really needs. Do I need moisture or do I need repair? My hair type is somewhere on the 4 scale, and I do not necessarily want curls, I just want to be relaxer free. Right now I use Aveda's Brilliance as a shampoo and the restructuring conditioner along with their leave-in conditioner and glossing gel. I also use their brilliance oil mixed with olive and jojoba oil daily . I do blow-dry and flat-iron my hair every time I wash which is about once per week (a little less frequently if I am being lazy). I live in southern VA, so the winters are not too harsh. I need new conditioner and I have been going back and forth between their Dry Remedy and Damage Remedy lines. I can't quite decide which one I would need more going forward. I usually get the giant liter bottles, so I would hate to be stuck with one of those if it is not what I really need for my hair. I do tend to stick with Aveda because their products have worked well for my hair thus far.

Any help, suggestions or tips will be greatly appreciated.