Hi, my name is Leslie. I posted this in the 3c board, but I thought maybe others may be able to help me out. I am pretty sure my hair is 3c/4a. I did the big chop the middle of last March, but didn't let my hair start growing out until about the middle of May. Anyway, this past Saturday I went to SuperCuts after I'd blow dried and flat ironed my hair to get a trim. I knew I was due to get a trim and could feel that some of my ends were crispy. So, needless to say, instead of the woman trimming just what needed to be trimmed she proceeded to give me a haircut. My hair was already layered, because that's how it grows, but I think she added more layers.

So my question is, how often do you think my hair should be trimmed, and should I just try to trim/dust my ends myself, instead of trying to trust a stylist???