As time goes on, I'm becoming a better baby-whisperer. I'm starting to understand my little boy,Nicholas, a little better.

I learned he is happiest when he is fed but not too stuffed, when he is warm, when he is freshly diapered....if any of these are off, he cries like he's being tortured.

All that seems common sense, but I thought he was well-rested when he wasn't. I thought he was warm enough when he wasn't. I got the diaper thing down...that's the only thing I was good at...I thought he was well fed, when he wasn't.
Now, I am making sure he is warmer, more fed (put more in bottle than I think he needs; he'll let me know if he wants it all or not), put him in his crib swaddled up when he's tired...snoozing in the living room on a bassinet isn't cutting it anymore for him. That's okay for a ten minute nap or so, but then he wants to either get up and do something else or he's really tired and just wants to go to bed (his crib in his room).

I am getting it...I'm slow, but I'm getting it.
I'm also feeling more confident that maybe I can juggle baby and work when January gets then he'll be 12 weeks old and he'll probably be an even easier baby to deal with.

I am loving, so so so loving his smiles and some cooing he's starting to do. He melts my heart. I loved him, I am in love with him.

I still have two problems...

1. I'm afraid at night...with the heater on...and the swaddling...that he is getting too too hot. That can't be good for him. My husband puts him to bed and now he finally understands what I mean by making sure he doesn't have a lot of clothing under the swaddling (it's a swaddle zipper onesie kind of thing we put him so cute)...but still...even with minimal clothing...he may still be too hot...especially since the heater is on now. ugggh.
Could that be doing damage (brain damage or some other kind of damage to him) by overheating him? I hope not.

2. How can I make his bathing experience better? I am stupid and used to bathe him on an empty I was afraid he might poop in the, I understand that was part of the reason why he was crying so much...he was HUNGRY! So, I made sure he was fed before...and that helped...I put a warm rag on his belly and that helped...but last night...even fully fed and a warm rag on his belly, he screamed and cried louder than ever. It was like he was being tortured. It dawned on me that maybe it was too soon after a feeding...and although I burped him...maybe he still needed more burping. My fear was that he would fall asleep and then miss his bath time...that's why I did it so soon after his feeding. Lately, he's been feeling more sleepy after feedings...I think its the heater and the warm clothing making him more sleepy lately.
I might've been better off letting him sleep for a few minutes and then bathing him?? I can see that irritating him too, though.
I dunno.
Any tips on making bathing more pleasant would be greatly appreciated. Only twice was I able to bathe him with little to no crying...all the other times, he screamed like he was being tortured.
That's right, I said it! I wear scrunchies!!

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