Congrats on the baby! I had a baby boy on October 18th . I know what you mean about you "getting it". I am starting to understand his cries better now too, and he is at such a beautiful stage now - he's smiling and cooing. I'm loving it!!!

My boy loves bath time. I usually bathe him after a feeding, but not right after. I wait a little bit so he's not on a full stomach. This is what I do:

1. I take off all his clothes (except the diaper) and wrap his body in a towel.
2. I wash his face first then his hair. Then I dry his head.
3. Then I take the diaper off and put him in the tub and splash some water on his body so he doesn't get cold. He seems to like that. Then I bathe his body.

Not sure if this is how you bathe him, but you could try it this way. Good luck!