Dry deep conditioning is crucial as I am low porosity

I shampoo, dry my hair until 85% dry with a t-shirt then apply the DC...

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+1 to the bolded. Im lo po and fine. If I wet, I get all water logged and there's no room for the good penetrating ingredients to get in. So I dc first, finger detangle with the dc, put hair in 6 twisted sections, wash, condition, dry with a tshirt until damp, then apply product. I've had really soft moisturized hair since I started doing this.
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This makes so much sense! I'm not that experienced with hair, but I've been thinking for a long time that I may be low porosity. My hair takes a while to actually feel wet when I stick it under the shower spray, and it literally takes hours to dry. Anyway this just was a bit of an 'a-ha!' moment for me.
I tried the dry deep conditioning this week and my hair basically celebrated for the next few days. Of course low porosity strands wouldn't want all that extra water getting in the way of the deep conditioning.