Hello Chicas!

I big chopped a month ago and although I was loving my hair, things are changing and i"m not so happy anymore.

My hair gets really dry and my main problem is every morning I have a frizzy mess of matted afro. I have about 5 inches of growth. My kinks, coils have great definition and are perfectly curly when wet. As the day goes along it starts to frizz giving it an undefined matted look, by the next morning, its a mess!!

Please help... what do I do? I just bought a set of products and still trying them out to see what works
CJ Daily Fix-- its good
CJ Curls in a bottle-- it gives definition the first day, then it just makes it dry and frizzy.
AO Honeysuckle...been using it since transitioning days its my favorite!
Bee Mine Luscious---its moisturizing, I just dont think I know how to use it.
Mop Top deep conditioner--not as slippery as I hoped for...very $$ so I need to keep using.. any suggestions?? maybe as a Leave-in?

I need defined moisturized curls! Please help me in achieving this... Im being discouraged of my natural look