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Has anyone ever done a henna gloss on twists? I'm going to pick up all the stuff I'll need over the Christmas holidays from my Uni flat, and I know with my ayurvedic stuff sitting around, I will be tempted! I just put some twists in though and was hoping to keep them in for a couple weeks, but I've never found rinsing henna out to be too difficult, so maybe the twists wouldn't be too badly disturbed?

My hair is short if that makes a difference (somewhere between CL and CBL) and the twists are medium. TIA!
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Jo don't do it. I did it during the summer and it was a NIGHTMARE. I had herb in my hair forever. Getting it on was no problem but getting it out LAWD where the twist meets the scalp omg so much herb. The twist weren't messed up looking but I had to take them out to get all the stuff out. I used Amla, Fengreek, and Brahmi.
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OMG my hair wets when water touches it!