How to stick it to Body Shop:

1. Buy a product at 50% off. Promptly lose the receipt (I think it got thrown away when cleaning?).

2. Realize it makes your skin feel like it's coming off, slowly. With a cheese grater (this is technically optional, but it's what happened to me, hence the return).

3. Return for store credit (w/o receipt). Get back 100% of the original price (note I paid 50% but got %100 back)

4. Realize that even though you exchanged $36 worth of purchases for $60 worth in purchases - you still have $12 left over on that gift card.

.... if they wanted to know I got it on sale, they should have asked. *shrug* At least the new stuff is helping with the cheese grater feeling.....

I feel both very bad and very awesome at the same time. But I'm justifying it because my skin just got a chemical peel it so didn't want or need!